Trovarit study 2018: APplus consolidates its top ranking and scores points for customer satisfaction

  • 08.10.2018
  • Karlsruhe

The ERP world is in upheaval – and it is all down to digitalisation. The massive increase in data volumes is putting huge demands on the stability and performance of ERP solutions. Choosing the right ERP system is one way to meet these two criteria – and so is the future adaptability of the system’s users. To give firms some well-founded knowledge to help them choose the right system, the German market analyst Trovarit AG runs a survey every two years in which it asks European users how satisfied they are with their ERP system. Asseco Solutions and its ERPII system APplus already achieved good marks for user satisfaction in the last two studies. In the newest report (currently only available in German): “ERP in practice – user satisfaction, benefits and perspectives 2018/2019” – this trend continues unabated. In the “overall system satisfaction” category, it obtained an even better score than the already high rating in the last study from 2016. This is the third time in a row that APplus has achieved one of the top spots among established solutions for medium-sized installations. In addition, stability and performance are rated among the system’s strengths – two areas that are important for the future. The study summarises: “Among the more widespread solutions in the midsized segment, APplus in particular is very well positioned.”

Business users rate their satisfaction with the system, as well as for Asseco as the implementation partner, very positively. On a scale of 1 to 5 – where 1 is “very good” and 5 is “deficient” – Asseco Solutions achieved satisfaction scores of 1.5 and 1.6. Users see the particular strengths of the Asseco solution as being adaptability and flexibility (1.4), stability (1.5) and usability (1.6) as well as its functionality (1.6). Compared to the last survey, the solution was also able to significantly boost its performance and stability scores. This highlights Asseco’s aim to provide customers with the high level of performance they need for today’s business. Customers are also impressed with Asseco’s partner-like advice and support in projects. In these areas, the study participants gave the company very good marks for the criteria “Customizing” (1.6), “Support during projects” (1.6) and “Commitment” (1.6).

The responses reflect the extremely high satisfaction levels of APplus users. The study includes categories like mobility, forms, analysis and configuration documentation – and mentions them as areas in which ERP users often have unpleasant surprises. Here, too, the Asseco system stands out with its high satisfaction levels. For all these categories, it is almost a half point better than the averages of the systems surveyed.

Smart ERP future: from the solution to the platform

“With trends like digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence, the ERP market is going through a phase of radical upheaval,” explains Markus Haller, chairman and CEO of Asseco Solutions. “Connectivity is opening up opportunities to users that they never dreamed of, especially in terms of increasing their efficiency and productivity. But they can only benefit in this way if they have a stable and solid ERP foundation, which is exactly what we’re providing with APplus. To achieve the performance necessary to manage high data volumes in the smart digital era, we’ve been working on the next evolution of ERP for a long time now. We want to provide our solution as a flexible IT platform for the future – and never lose sight of aspects like usability and stability. That’s why we’re very happy that our efforts are reflected in clear user satisfaction. We’re very proud of the excellent results achieved by our solution and the accolade by our users will spur us on to continue with them on our path to the digital ERP era – in a partnership-oriented way.”

Focus on real-life experience with the product

For 14 years, Trovarit AG has been producing its two-yearly overview of ERP usage in real life and of users’ experience with the products they use. This year’s study included 2,207 evaluations from CEOs, IT managers and ERP managers from European companies of all sizes and across all industries. That makes it Europe’s largest independent user study on ERP use. To compile the survey, the participants were asked between March and June 2018 to rate their subjective satisfaction with their ERP system based on 39 criteria. The study focused on the benefit to the company of the system, as well as the challenges users faced during its implementation and utilisation. The survey also asked participants about their view of current trends and future developments.

The Trovarit study (currently only available in German) is available on