Trovarit study 2016: Asseco solution achieves good user satisfaction ratings

  • 26.09.2016
  • Karlsruhe

In ERP systems’ role as a centralised instrument for business management, they have a significant influence on employees’ efficiency and productivity as they deal with their daily work. Their ease of use, stability and support quality play a decisive role in user satisfaction – not just their features and functions. This is why criteria like these should also be taken into account when the systems are being evaluated. Trovarit has taken exactly this approach with its study "ERP in Practice - User Satisfaction, Benefits and Perspectives 2016/2017". As the largest independent ERP user survey in Europe, this study – now in its eighth year – looks at how satisfied ERP users really are with their solutions in their everyday work. In this year’s edition, users gave very good marks to APplus from Asseco Solutions. Within medium-sized installations (25 to 99 users), “APplus is particularly well positioned” and leaves similarly established solutions of this size behind it “by quite a distance”, as the study notes.

For both of the points “overall satisfaction with the system” and “overall satisfaction with the vendor”, APplus did even better in this edition than in the previous survey from 2014/2015. In addition to the solution’s positive scores in Germany and Switzerland, customers in Austria judged APplus as the best of all the surveyed systems for midsized installations and gave the Asseco solution top marks for satisfaction with both the vendor and the system. In terms of individual industry segments, APplus received the best scores in the industrial core mid-market as well as in the machine and plant construction sector. In each of these two industries, it achieved the best “satisfaction with the system” results of all the solutions analysed by the study in midsized installations. This comes on top of another award won by APplus in 2015 from the machine and plant construction industry: a specialist jury from Potsdam University’s Center for Enterprise Research voted it the “ERP System of the Year”. The new Trovarit study complements this with top marks from the users themselves in this highly specialised industry.

APplus gets good marks for the hot topic of mobility

Overall, APplus scores were well above the average of all the solutions Trovarit evaluated. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the highest rating and 5 the lowest, APplus was rated better in almost all categories – especially Interfaces (1.82 for APplus compared to an average of 2.29), Ergonomics (1.63 against 2.24), Adaptability / Flexibility (1.48 against 2.07), Training and Information Offerings (1.81 against 2.39) as well as Adaptation Documentation (2.13 against 2.73). Additionally, users cited mobility as a particular strength of the Asseco solution. Although mobility was generally the lowest-rated category in the survey with an average score of 2.96, users rated APplus at 2.08 – almost a whole point better than the average.

“The huge success of smartphones and tablets in the consumer market has clearly led to users placing much more importance on the mobile capability of IT systems. They’re used to being able to access the data they need wherever they are – and they increasingly expect this flexibility with the systems they use at work. APplus benefits in this area as we’ve consistently focused on making it usable anywhere as it’s web-based by design. In addition to our specific mobility apps in areas like warehouse management and service, APplus is generally usable on any mobile device with a browser. We’re very happy that users have rated our solution so positively for this key megatrend.”

Markus Haller
CEO of Asseco Solutions

Focus on practical usage

This year’s Trovarit study comprised 2,545 responses from company directors, IT managers and specialised ERP managers from European companies of all sizes and across all industries. Between March and July 2016, the participants were asked to rate their subjective satisfaction with their ERP system based on 39 categories. The questions were focused on the benefits that the solution delivers to the companies using them, as well as on any challenges they came up against during implementation or issues they have now in using it. The survey participants also gave their views on current trends and future developments.

The Trovarit study is available at The results will be presented on Tuesday 4th October at 10:00AM at the IT & Business trade show in Stuttgart. Asseco Solutions is exhibiting at the show in Hall 1 on Stand C31.