IT & Business 2016: Asseco shows how predictive maintenance and service 4.0 work in practice

  • 14.09.2016
  • Karlsruhe

With Industry 4.0 initiatives driving higher efficiency and output on the shop floor, service is gaining ground as another area that can benefit from connectivity. By using approaches like predictive maintenance, companies are able to carry out preventive maintenance on their machines before an error actually occurs. The ERP provider Asseco Solutions launched SCS, its solution for service 4.0, at this year’s Hanover Industrial Fair. SCS has already proved its value for two Austrian customers, whose applications Asseco will be presenting at IT & Business from 4 to 6 October in Stuttgart. NGR, which makes industrial recycling machines, as well as door and gate technology provider Eisenkies, both use SCS to support their service and maintenance processes.

“The SCS order book is already looking very healthy since we launched the product in April. We believe one of the reasons is that although many midsized firms want to start using smart technologies, they find it difficult to quantify what exactly the benefits would be in their factories. In contrast, the idea of Industry 4.0 becomes much clearer to them when it’s applied to the service area. This is why smart maintenance is a great way for these companies to take their first steps towards implementing a smart factory.”

Robert Monsberger
Asseco Solutions board member

Asseco’s cloud-based SCS solution comprises three modules that can be combined flexibly, depending on each customer’s requirements. The Intelligent Service module facilitates automated service planning and management at the customer site; the Industry 4.0 module is used for machine integration and the intelligent capture of operating data; and the Smart Service module provides customers with a branded app that they can use to process their SCS data.

Predictive machine maintenance at NGR

NGR, an Austrian maker of recycling machines, selected Asseco’s SCS solution in early June. NGR uses the Industry 4.0 module in SCS for cloud connectivity for its machines, which enables the firm to provide its customers with predictive maintenance. The machines use a special software library that enables them to capture data about their operating status and trigger a service ticket when necessary. The predictive maintenance functionality is optional for NGR’s customers – each one can decide whether this functionality is activated or disabled in their machines.

If the machine reports that it has detected an upcoming defect, the SCS system automatically finds a suitable technician based on various criteria such as their qualifications or location. As NGR sells its machines all over the world, passport and visa considerations are additional criteria that the solution takes into account when planning the technician’s visit. Once the appointment is verified and approved, the solution sends all information about the service call to the SCS mobile app on the technician’s mobile device. Once on site, the technician can prevent the problem from arising and causing a loss of machine productivity.

NGR also uses the Smart Service module in SCS to provide personalised apps to customers who can then access some of the functions in the SCS cloud environment. These include information about the status of their machines and planned maintenance calls. The app also provides them with extensive information materials, such as documentation and spare part catalogues.

Eisenkies: smart maintenance together with APplus

The midsized firm Eisenkies uses SCS in a different way. Specialising in door and gate technologies, the company mainly focuses on mobile troubleshooting and maintenance using the Intelligent Service module in SCS. As Eisenkies also sells door technologies for critical institutions like firefighters and hospitals, the company places a lot of importance on repairing any defects and getting the door or gate working perfectly as quickly as possible. Using SCS, the company’s technicians are now able to organise their service calls using their mobile devices and with no need for any paper.

As SCS is seamlessly integrated into APplus, the ERP system sends all the necessary information about their planned service calls directly to the SCS app on the technicians’ tablets. The app then documents the service call while the technician is at the customer site. It captures information about the duration of the visit and any components that were replaced. In order to document malfunctions as accurately as possible, the technician can take photos of the gate mechanism or defective component using the app and add them to the service call report.

The use of SCS means that unplanned, additional maintenance on other doors at the customer site is no longer a problem for Eisenkies technicians. Along with information about the service call itself, the system provides details about all the other Eisenkies systems in operation at the customer site. This ensures that any extra maintenance can be documented quickly and efficiently in SCS. The customer then signs off the service visit directly on the mobile device – with no need for paper. The solution is completely functional offline as well as online to ensure technicians can use it wherever they are.

“ERP 4.0” on the Asseco stand at IT & Business

At this year’s IT & Business from 4 to 6 October in Stuttgart, visitors will be able to obtain more detailed information about how NGR and Eisenkies use SCS. On the Asseco booth, stand C31 in the L-Bank Forum (Hall 1), the company’s specialists will also be showing visitors an exclusive preview of the upcoming APplus version 6.3. Customers and visitors wishing to arrange a meeting with Asseco Solutions specialists at IT & Business 2016 can do so by emailing Requests for press interviews can be sent to phronesis PR by phone on +49(0)821/444-800 or by email to