Expert panel awards APplus

  • 08.10.2014
  • Karlsruhe

Reliable planning accuracy and a complete process documentation are two of the most important core elements of the automotive industry. There is virtually no other sector that features such a highly specialized supplier network that is increasingly taking over production of entire system components for its customers for reasons of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Collaboration that is interlinked to this extent requires from all involved partners a high level of reliability as well as the ability to respond rapidly in the event of any issues – without the qualified use of specially modified IT systems, these efficient processes are tough to implement. The solutions to meet this need are therefore the focus of the "Center for Enterprise Research" at the University of Potsdam each year that as part of its renowned "ERP System of the Year" prize names the best sector-specific solutions on the market. As part of today's awards at IT & Business in Stuttgart, the ERP solution APplus from Karlsruhe-based ERPII provider Asseco Solutions was selected as the winner in the "Automotive" category.

Expert panel awards APplus

For the evaluation of the systems submitted, the experts from the University of Potsdam, under the leadership of panel chairman Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Gronau, focused on practical criteria such as the implementation methodology, range of functions and the suitability of the solution for the sector. As APplus successfully scored points in all these categories, the solution was nominated for the award back in September together with two other providers in the "Automotive" category. At the subsequent provider presentation on 24th September, candidates in the final round were required to present their solutions live before the panel to demonstrate performance as well as their systems' suitability for the specific sector. APplus won over the panel here with its special function modules for automobile suppliers: The solution supports all specific procedures typical of the automotive sector – regardless of whether individual parts or complete system modules need to be supplied. In particular in the context of the growing need for efficient collaboration, the solution also combines a wide variety of corporate and functional areas, carefully coordinates individual processes and also controls these company-wide if necessary. Not least due to these specially designed functionalities, the panel from the University of Potsdam awarded maximum points in the "Automotive" category to APplus, naming the solution "ERP System of the Year". The celebrations to announce the winners and award the prize by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Gronau took place at lunchtime today at IT & Business in Stuttgart.

Experts create transparency for customers

The "ERP System of the Year" prize was awarded this year for the eighth time by the "Center for Enterprise Research" at the University of Potsdam. The aim of the prize is the neutral evaluation of non-functional criteria of ERP systems to provide customers with greater transparency relating to the solutions and offerings available on the market. The candidate systems were evaluated by an expert jury panel consisting of representatives from the fields of consulting, press and science.

"The automotive industry is an absolute pioneer in the implementation of IT-supported customer and supplier relationships as well as cross-company business processes as supplier companies must fulfill very high demands on the planning accuracy and documentation of their production processes", emphasizes Markus Haller, CEO of Asseco Solutions. "We will meet these stringent requirements with APplus Automotive. Naturally we are especially pleased that the renowned expert panel from the University of Potsdam awarded us the 'ERP System of the Year' prize for the automotive category in particular. The specific design focus on individual sectors has always been a central aspect of our solution – this will of course continue to be our focus in the coming years as well."