"Outstanding Financial Standing": Creditreform extends Asseco Solutions' "CREFOZERT" by a further year

  • 04.11.2020
  • Karlsruhe

The corona crisis has drastically shifted the priorities of many companies. Instead of increasing profits, in many cases now damage limitation is the primary focus. A decisive aspect of this is high financial stability. Those who have sufficient means are better equipped to respond rapidly to the constantly changing challenges of the current times. In this context, Creditreform's regular credit rating analysis currently has an even more important meaning. Since 2009, the credit reference agency has tested the financial situation of German companies at regular intervals. It evaluates them based on objective criteria and awards flawless financial standing with the "CrefoZert" credit rating certificate. For Karlsruhe ERP specialists Asseco Solutions, the award has now been extended for the sixth time in a row. The current certification applies until September 2021 and certifies Asseco with an "outstanding creditworthiness" based on the latest annual report, in these times of crisis.

"In 2020, a year is soon to be behind us that was characterized by an almost unimaginable amount of insecurity and restrictions. In these challenging times, financial security has become more important than ever. On one hand it enables some leeway to react as flexibly as possible to the constantly changing requirements. On the other, it is essential when investing in your own future-proofing. This then allows a company to prepare for the coming months through the promotion of digitalization initiatives, for instance.
That Creditreform has awarded us with an "outstanding" rating, both with this background and the current year in mind, means a great deal to us. It verifies our stability, both for our employees as well as for our partners and customers. It shows that they can depend on us, even in times of crisis, as a solvent and reliable partner by their side."

Holger Nawratil
CTO der Asseco Solutions

Multi-Level Testing Process

Initiated in 2009, the Creditreform certification is awarded based on a multi-level testing process. Only companies that flawlessly meet all three evaluation criteria are presented the "CrefoZert". The credit rating index plays a central role in this. It reveals how secure a punctual and complete rendering of payment obligations can be expected. Additionally, the experts analyze the company balance sheet creditworthiness for completeness and results, using the current annual reports. Finally, the future outlook is also considered as part of the certification. It is determined through an analytical meeting with the executive board and then evaluated. Based on these stringent requirements, only approximately two percent of German companies pass the testing process.