CeBIT 2017: Asseco partners showcase integrated business processes for the digital age

  • 13.03.2017
  • Karlsruhe

With its special Digitalisation Live show in Hall 5, the ERP hall, this year’s CeBIT is focusing on the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation – a strategic topic for enterprises. In order to succeed against growing competition in these times of digital change, it is essential to integrate business processes as fully as possible across all systems. These processes should include everything from internal IT silos to suppliers’ and partners’ solutions and reach through to the finished product in operation at the customer site. In order to facilitate this transformation for companies,the ERP specialist Asseco Solutions provides multiple integrations with solutions from specialised partners. This enables users to seamlessly interlink virtually all parts of their business process chain. Seven of these partners will be exhibiting on the Asseco booth, Stand B26 in Hall 5, at this year’s CeBIT (20-24 March in Hannover). They will be demonstrating the newest versions of their innovative solutions and showing how they work with APplus.

Come and visit us at the CeBIT“More and more systems are becoming integrated with the centralised ERP solution, so companies need significantly more time and effort to develop and maintain the corresponding interfaces,” says Carl-Heinz Gödde, Vice President Sales at Asseco Solutions. “To help them deal with this, Version 6.3 of APplus enables them to connect third-party systems to our solution efficiently and easily – with a few configuration changes. We’ll be demonstrating how that works with machines in a live showcase on our CeBIT stand – by connecting a brand new 3D metal printer from our customer O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH directly to APplus. The ERP system orders a product from the printer, which produces it live on the stand. It’s just as efficient to connect our partners’ solutions with APplus. In this way, we’re giving our users the means to ensure the integration of a process across all stages of their value chain – even with challenging scenarios.”

The seven Asseco partners will be giving multiple live demonstrations to give a real-life view of how their solutions interact with APplus. The demos are being held on the ERP specialists CeBIT stand (B26 in Hall 5) and will also show the new functions available in the individual solutions.

  • 3mobility solutions – mobile apps for smart ERP

The long-time Asseco partner 3mobility solutions will be presenting the current version of flexmobility, its innovative and powerful business app platform. This enables users to create sophisticated business apps for a range of different areas – without source code and by simply using the graphical configuration interface of the Central Platform Manager (CPM). Using the company’s OneConfig technology, customers can use a single configuration to generate functioning apps for iOS, Android and Windows – while including all device-specific features like barcodes, RFID, document capture, GPS, geofencing, camera, imaging, OCR, online/offline support and more. This also enables users to create browser-independent web portals such as in-house cockpits, supplier portals and shops with simple configuration.

  • aruba – analyses and reports supporting solid decision-making

At CeBIT, the business intelligence specialist aruba informatik will present the new features in its integrated solution APplus BI, including the event-driven dashboard with an integrated Gantt chart for smart manufacturing. APplus BI provides deep, comprehensive analyses and reports on the fly with no impact on performance. The solution is centred on the highly flexible ETL tool Enterprise Query, which enables customers to tailor the data warehouse to their needs and integrate additional data sources. Using APplus BI, customers can create personalised reports in as little as two days. They can also create and view indicators, strategies and initiatives using the integrated Enterprise Scorecard.

  • Babtec – Ensuring the best production quality

On this year’s Asseco stand, the quality specialist Babtec will be showing practical applications of ‘APplus QS Powered by Babtec’, its modular, computer-aided quality assurance (CAQ) software. This is the company’s complete solution for quality planning, quality assurance and quality management. It meets the requirements of make-to-order manufacturers as well as mass producers, and uses a common interface to enable the bidirectional sharing of the entire incoming goods process. This includes serial numbers to make the process even more transparent. The solution can also easily handle other scenarios, such as the production process.

  • d.velop – Smart ECM for digital transformation

The CeBIT exhibit of the ECM specialist d.velop is focused on the optimisation of document-based business and decision-making processes in companies and other organisations. Its powerful solutions enable customers to make their specialised and organisational knowledge accessible and usable - anywhere and at any time. On this year’s Asseco stand, the specialists from d.velop will be showcasing their new quality management solution, d.velop Cloud with its range of standard and custom services, and its Mobile APP Services range. The company will also be highlighting the current versions of the d.velop solutions d.3ecm Version 8 and ecspand 3.5.

  • DUALIS – Detailed planning for Industry 4.0

The detailed planning specialist DUALIS will be showcasing the new Version 5.5 of its APplus APS solution at this year’s CeBIT. This is now also available in the cloud and provides users with smooth order processing, shorter delivery times and optimised costs for smart manufacturing. A further highlight is the 3D simulation platform Visual Components, which provides users with simulation-based planning for systems and machines as well as interlinked production processes for the digital factory. On the Asseco stand, specialists from DUALIS will show how a single platform manages the simulation of the complete process, along with the consolidation of robots, material flows and resources.

  • IMS – Optimising processes, increasing efficiency

IMS specialises in integrated management systems and will be on the Asseco stand presenting the current version of its IMS PREMIUM solution. This enables companies to build a comprehensive business process, quality, improvement and risk management system. The solution provides a clear and transparent overview, providing the key to sustainable performance and result optimisation and helping to achieve business excellence. IMS PREMIUM can be integrated into the customer’s existing data and application infrastructure. The solution is tightly integrated with APplus, and users can see the relevant process documentation with a simple click on the input screen. This helps them better understand the processes while optimising process quality.

  • N+P – Practical digitalisation and Industry 4.0 for manufacturing

As an Asseco development partner, N+P is one of the main Asseco partners for planning and implementing Industry 4.0 initiatives. At CeBIT, it will be presenting the latest version of its manufacturing solution APplus MES, which provides a direct connection between production machines and the ERP system and enables them to share real-time data. Users can then monitor, analyse and dynamically visualise this data, which can be used for overarching order and inventory processes for logistics, quality assurance and cost accounting. In this way, N+P enriches the standard APplus solution with its own know-how by developing and integrating modules to create IT homogeneous solutions for midsized companies.

Business processes for the digital age – on the Asseco stand at CeBIT

Visitors can gain detailed insight into the integrations between the partner solutions and APplus on Asseco’s booth (Stand B26 in Hall 5) at this year’s CeBIT, which takes place from 20 to 24 March in Hannover. The ERP provider will be showing live demonstrations of the direct interaction between APplus and OR Laser’s 3D metal printer and laser engraving machine. Asseco specialists will also be on hand to answer any questions on digitalisation and smart manufacturing/Industry 4.0 and to present the current version of the APplus solution using multiple realistic demos. Customers and other interested parties can arrange a meeting with Asseco Solutions specialists by emailing their request to Requests for press interviews will be handled by phronesis PR on +49(0)821/444-800 or