Asseco stand features Panda the collaborative robot: just another software user

  • 14.06.2018
  • Karlsruhe

With digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in full swing, companies are increasingly using collaborative robots – also known as cobots – to help specialised workers in a wide range of application scenarios. Visitors to CEBIT are able to see what this means for the working environment of the future with the Panda cobot from Voith Robotics, a system provider for robot-assisted automation solutions. On the Asseco Solutions stand (E16, Hall 17), visitors to this year’s CEBIT can watch the Panda handle realistic business tasks – while interacting with Asseco’s ERP solution APplus.

“Robots collaborating with people require a significantly higher degree of flexibility than we’ve been seeing in traditional man-machine scenarios,” notes Carl-Heinz Gödde, Vice President Sales at Asseco Solutions. “Unlike machines with a fixed purpose, cobots are given a range of different tasks depending on the situation. In some circumstances, the usual software-based machine connectivity to a machine could be too rigid. Robots must be able to interact with software by using the interface, because that ensures they can be flexibly integrated into a team. On our stand, we’d like to give our visitors a peek into tomorrow’s working environment and use the innovative Panda cobot as an example of how this technology could be used in the future.”

“By using lightweight robots and integrating them into process workflows, we’re already enabling customers to achieve significant productivity increases today,” adds Martin Scherrer, CEO of Voith Robotics GmbH.

Innovative cobot interacts with APplus

With its versatility and intuitive usability, the Panda cobot has been designed to assist human users. Awarded the Deutscher Zukunftspreis (the German President's Award for Innovation in Science and Technology) in 2017, the robotic arm is almost 85cm long and capable of handling a wide range of everyday tasks with the help of a variety of attachments. It can grasp, move and pack objects, tighten screws, and test circuit boards and microchips. It is also able to use a stylus on a touch screen, such as for quality assurance in smartphone manufacturing, where it can tap every millimetre on a display screen to ensure it is working correctly.

On the Asseco stand at CEBIT, the Panda will simulate several steps in a realistic business scenario, such as taking goods out of a warehouse for a customer order. The specialised worker communicates the quantity of products required to the Panda, which then takes the relevant number of items out of the storage container on the Asseco stand. Next, the cobot uses the touchpen to register the completed action in APplus and save the figures in the ERP system. Finally, the Panda initiates a printout or sends an email with a receipt confirming that the relevant quantity of products has been taken out for the customer.

Panda cobot on the Asseco stand

Specialists from Asseco Solutions and Voith Robotics will be presenting the innovative Panda demo live on the Asseco stand E16 in Hall 17 at this year’s CEBIT and giving visitors some insight into man-machine collaboration of the future. Voith Robotics is providing additional demos on Stand D58 in Hall 13. Customers and other interested parties wishing to fix up a meeting with Asseco Solutions specialists at CeBIT 2018 may contact Asseco’s PR agency phronesis PR will be happy to handle press enquiries by phone on +49(0)821/444-800 or by email at