Asseco Solutions awarded Creditreform certificate

  • 05.03.2015
  • Karlsruhe

The ERP market, like many other sectors, is currently experiencing profound technological advancements. Huge trends such as Industry 4.0, cloud and mobility technology demand a high degree of innovation with intensive and elaborate research work from companies. However, only companies which can combine innovation with consistent financial stability will survive in this highly competitive market environment and be a reliable partner to their customers. In light of this, credit bureau Creditreform, in the framework of a recent company audit, attested that ERPII vendor Asseco Solutions has shown "flawless business practices up to now and a good forecast can be made for their further course of business" and awarded the Karlsruhe-based company the independent "CrefoCert" award in December 2014.

Asseco Solutions awarded Creditreform certificate

The Creditreform certification, created in 2009, is awarded after a three-stage examination process. The future prospects of the company play a decisive role in this process, which are identified in an analytical conversation with the management and then evaluated. Only when the criteria of the independent experts are completely satisfied does the company receive the "CrefoCert" award. Due to these strict requirements, only about 1.7 percent of German companies pass the examination process for the Creditreform certificate.

Well-prepared for coming technology trends

"Technological innovations and the advancement of current trends such as the smart factory are core elements of our business strategy. We have actively contributed to making the gains in productivity and efficiency of increasingly autonomous systems available to all mid-sized manufacturing companies through our research work at the FIR Institute for Industrial Management at the RWTH Aachen University or at the Industry 4.0 Application Center at the University of Potsdam, to name a few examples. We see the Creditreform certificate as a confirmation of our innovative strategy, which, at Asseco Solutions, has a solid foundation both technologically and financially."

Asseco Solutions AG Markus Haller CEO of Asseco Solutions