APplus voted ERP system of the year for professional services

  • 25.10.2018
  • Karlsruhe

Companies that can count on a strong and efficient business partner to support their software have a better chance of success in the digitalisation era. If professional services providers are to meet these companies’ expectations, they need something themselves – an effective ERP solution that supports them on their increasingly complex customer projects. In order to take a closer look at leading ERP solutions from this perspective in 2018, the University of Potsdam’s Center for Enterprise Research (CERT) created a new category for its ERP System of the Year Award: ERP for Professional Services. This year’s award in this category went to the Karlsruhe-based ERP specialist Asseco Solutions, making it the sixth time the company has been honoured by the panel of experts. The prizes were awarded yesterday at a festive gala evening after the two-day ERP Congress in Frankfurt closed its doors

“Digitalisation doesn’t only benefit companies that optimise and automate their own processes – service providers helping these companies are seeing their businesses flourish,” said Ralf Bachthaler, board member at Asseco Solutions. “For professional services firms, this means increasingly demanding and complex implementation projects – as well as a healthy order book. In order to provide the best support to our customers in this segment, we deliver an extensive range of specialised functions for the planning, execution and invoicing of these projects. Against that backdrop, we’re particularly pleased that these functions have been recognised by the well-known CERT panel of specialists at the award ceremony. Our new ERP System of the Year award is the sixth we’ve received from CERT in the last seven years. That also shows our continuity – the fact that that we have our finger on the pulse of the times and that we constantly adapt our solutions to the changing requirements of our target markets.”

Accolade for industry-specific functionality

APplus delivers a range of specialised functions for professional services providers. The hub of these is the project control centre, in which project participants can find all key instruments at a glance – from project timesheet reporting and resource overviews through to tools for the creation of activity reports. While users are entering their project working hours, they see a notification showing them whether or not the hours they have reported are covered by the available budget. Users can also see up-to-date capacity utilisation information to help them with resource and personnel planning, while bottlenecks are detected automatically.

The solution also helps users when they are visiting customers on-site. It facilitates documentation and automates several steps in the invoicing process, while users can always view open assignments and tasks on their mobile device. During the customer visit, they can enter project hours and reports – even offline if there is no internet connection – and synchronise them with the central system later. To facilitate the efficient maintenance of adaptations, licences bought for an order can be transferred to existing maintenance agreements. The system automatically reminds users when the agreement is due for renewal in accordance with the period of time they have defined for it. Asseco also provides customers with APplus GO, a collaborative platform that enables professional services providers to work with their customers on a project.