APplus nominated for ERP System of the Year Award in the “ERP as a driver for digitalisation” category

  • 06.10.2017
  • Karlsruhe

There are few IT solutions as closely entwined with the heart of a company as the ERP system. As such, it is the perfect starting point for digital transformation in the enterprise. It uses IT to depict central business processes, laying the foundation for business efficiency while providing innovative functions that open the system up to smart factory processes.

In that way, it can have a decisive influence on how successful a company will be in the digital age. This was the thinking behind the introduction of the “ERP as a Driver for Digitalisation” category in the ERP System of the Year awards, which are organised annually by the University of Potsdam’s Center for Enterprise Research. Asseco Solutions is one of the ERPII providers nominated for the award in that category.

“Many companies that are currently investing in digitalisation are striving for significant increases in efficiency and productivity from connected technologies,” explains Holger Nawratil, a member of the board at Asseco Solutions. “And that’s a very valid reason. But digitalisation’s potential goes much further than that. Digital technology doesn’t only optimise a company’s existing situation: it also lays the foundations for completely new processes and ways to expand its service portfolio. With this evolution, we’re more than just a solution provider for our customers. We’re also an experienced adviser to support them throughout the entire digitalisation process – from the idea and concept stage through to implementation, support and ongoing developments. With this approach, we are competing this year in the ‘Driver for Digitalisation’ award category.”

New business models for the digital era

Asseco’s core ERP solution APplus forms the technical foundation of the company’s digitalisation offering. With its flexible and scalable underlying architecture, it is already capable of managing the enormous volumes of data in the digital enterprise and ensuring a high level of efficiency in everyday business activities. The solution’s Business Integration Framework helps covering all aspects of a business process, providing a high level of automation. It enables users to connect third-party systems to APplus without programming and to integrate all specialised applications into the overall process.

In this way, APplus creates the required conditions for its use as a central information hub, even in highly connected smart factory environments. The functional side is supported by SCS, Asseco Solutions’ dedicated Industry 4.0 product that can be run as a standalone solution or seamlessly integrated with APplus. SCS allows users to connect machines and production lines to the cloud, even if these systems were not originally designed to be “smart”, and to collect and analyse the operating data they produce. This also benefits machine builders by enabling them to extend the range of services they offer with their systems. These can include everything from predictive maintenance processes and smart information services for end customers through to configuration recommendations based on big data analyses. With new services like these, companies are able to expand their own business model and optimise it for the future.

Jury’s high rating for technology, ergonomics and customer benefit

The Center for Enterprise Research already gave a positive rating to the customer benefits from Asseco Solutions’ digitalisation concept with 152 out of a possible total of 190 points. It also found that the technology and ergonomics of APplus were among its strong points. The ERP experts particularly praised the solution’s modern architecture and the very good shop floor connectivity. To decide on the ERP System of the year, the jury analyses all the contenders based on seven criteria: deployment methodology; concrete customer benefits; ergonomics; scope of technology and integration; suitability for the industrial sector with specific functions; customer communications, sales and marketing; and research and development.

Vendor presentations and award ceremony at the ERP Congress in Frankfurt

All the nominated vendors will demonstrate the performance of their solutions in the traditional vendor presentations, which will be held this year at the ERP Congress on 17-18 October in the Conference Centre of the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel. The award ceremony starts at 17:30 on the second day of the event.

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