HELIOS Orange for Modern Photovoltaics

  • 23.10.2013
  • Karlsruhe

The company FitCraft Energy, s.r.o. is an important producer of photovoltaic technology, concretely of battery systems, and it is also engaged in monitoring photovoltaic power plants. Its customers are both natural and legal persons not only in the Czech Republic but also in England and other countries, such as Romania. Since summer 2013 its staff and management have been supported by the HELIOS Orange information system by Asseco Solutions.

In previous years the company used an economic system which, however, served only to process accounting. In the course of time the production range came to grow significantly, which brought along a huge increase in the number of contracts. Nevertheless, the previous accounting system failed to cover these spheres, therefore the corporate management decided to acquire a comprehensive ERP system.

“In view of the fact that some of our key employees gained positive experience with using HELIOS Orange during their previous jobs, we decided, having assessed all possibilities, to purchase this system,” says Ing. František Šatný, FitCraft Energy Executive Director.

The implementation of the system took approximately two months and some parts of the entire configuration in compliance with the customer´s special requests are still being carried out.

At present these modules and functionalities are implemented at this company: Accounting, Cash, Bank, Invoicing, Wages, Human Resources and Customization Tools.

It would be premature to evaluate the overall contribution of the new system, but it is obvious as early as now that it can be significantly instrumental in making production and other processes more efficient and in meeting the FitCraft Energy customer´s demands better.

Asseco Solutions, a.s.

Asseco Solutions, a.s. is the biggest producer of company information systems (ERP systems) on the Czech and Slovak markets. Its software applications are distributed on other Central-European markets too. It is engaged not only in the development, but also in the implementation and support of specialized systems for organizational units of any size in miscellaneous spheres of business. The product portfolio ranges from information systems for the broadest array of companies engaged in manufacturing, trading or services through products for the sphere of the public administration to those covering specialized needs of accommodation and catering facilities. All the products are supplemented by a wide range of services and partner programmes and besides the basic modules and functionalities also provide specialized solutions for individual spheres, so-called “branch solutions”. Asseco Solutions is a holder of the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate and a member of the multinational ASSECO Group.

At the end of the year 2012 Asseco Solutions had the staff of 553 and the 2012 turnover amounted to CZK 634.5 million.