HELIOS Green Helps to Produce Mining Equipment

  • 18.10.2013
  • Karlsruhe

Ensuring engineering deliveries and technological systems for underground and surface mining of minerals, especially of the equipment for mining transport and related industries - this is a brief description of the activities of the company SE-MI Technology,a.s. (public limited company, Inc.), a member of the ALTA Group. Such a sophisticated production naturally cannot do without the support of a company information system (ERP system). Both the management and the employees have been using the system for manufacturing companies Safír for several years. As a result of the integration of this system into the portfolio of Asseco Solutions and in view of the information system of the ALTA Group, the company SE-MI decided this year to switch to the HELIOS Green system.

The selection procedure, within the framework of which it was decided that the company would switch to another system by the same provider, was held in 2012 and lasted approximately half a year, because the management was thoroughly considering all pros and cons. The Safír system covered all the company agenda and the management wanted to be sure that the new system would not only replace it fully but also bring about other benefits, among which the complexity and openness for further development ranked first.

In the second half of 2012, after the final decision to purchase the HELIOS Green system, its implementation was carried out. Thanks to very good cooperation on the part of both the Ostrava-based Asseco Solutions consultants and the key users of the customer the implementation was finished in a very short time. Thanks to their commitment it was possible to put the system, including manufacturing, into full operation in early January 2013.

“After using the HELIOS Green system for several months we are already able to appreciate its benefits,” says Ing. Jiří Valenta, SE-MI Financial Director and Member of the Board of Directors. “Its complexity, flexibility and broad administration possibilities undoubtedly belong to the features of the system that we consider the most important. However, the background of a strong provider and the synergy inside the Group are significant for us too,” adds Mr. Valenta.

The modules fully covering Accounting and Economy, to which Assets and Contracts belong too, as well as Wages and Human Resources, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Attendance, DMS and CRM have been implemented at SE-MI.

SE-MI Technology, a.s.

This company is a member of the ALTA Group. It ensures engineering deliveries and technological units in the fields of underground and surface mining of minerals, raw materials treatment plants, surface transport systems and also equipment for metallurgy and other industries, based on its own technical, production and logistic know-how.

Its core production program includes equipment for both mining and non-mining vertical and horizontal transportation, mainly belt and scraper conveyors, special conveyors, rollways and technological lines, including accessories and spare parts. Within its product range it also produces and supplies other parts, equipment and units of broad application in engineering, chemical and metallurgical industries – this all either based on its standard production program or according to customer´s needs. Design, construction and servicing of these facilities are provided by the company´s own operating units.

The company features an advanced production base in the spheres of machining, welding and assembly. The good technical equipment of manufacturing operations and the potential of the technical and production staff guarantee the high quality of the work performed. An independent control is an inherent element too.

For more information please visit www.se-mi.cz