Asseco Solutions – The new major player in the European enterprise software market

  • 08.07.2013
  • Karlsruhe

The best ERP you can get: Asseco Solutions is the new ERP software entity formed by the merger of Asseco Germany AG, its Austrian and Swiss subsidiaries, and Asseco Solutions, a.s. The latter was created in 2009 when the Asseco ERP software companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia merged. With over 700 employees in five countries, the company has now become a major player in European enterprise software and is the Asseco Group's center of ERP expertise in Central Europe. Asseco Solutions stands for comprehensive investment protection, collaboration across national borders – particularly in implementing new, groundbreaking trends such as Industry 4.0 – and even better service due to the increased proximity to local markets. This shortens development cycles, allows innovative concepts to be turned into reality more quickly and customizes the solution portfolio better to industry- and country-specific requirements. Moreover, it creates a solid foundation for preparing and making strategic acquisitions in the future.

"By merging five leading European ERP companies into Asseco Solutions, the Asseco Group is making a clear commitment to the ERP market and its vast future potential. The merger acknowledges the effectiveness of this type of international corporate structure. Its combined management and employee energy, in conjunction with our enormous wealth of expertise, offers room for innovation, growth and even better customer and partner management," summarizes Markus Haller, CEO of Asseco Solutions.

Joining forces has great potential

To date, the individual companies that merged to create Asseco Solutions existed in target markets that differ, in some cases greatly. This bundling of forces holds enormous potential for mutual development. Thus Asseco Germany AG – a recognized expert in the area of technologically leading enterprise software for manufacturing companies within Europe's largest production market – will continue to develop its expertise consistently in the future. The Czech and Slovak companies have their own local ERP systems traditionally based in the areas of administration and private financial institutions, but also projects of various scales and target industries. From this background, they have developed products customized for these fields of activity that could be adopted long-term in the product range of the locations in German-speaking countries. In particular, a cloud-based ERP solution already in use in Eastern Europe for companies with up to three employees would be available here. As one of the strategic future products, APplus will have even more development relevance and much stronger positioning in the addressed target markets in years to come.

International organizational structure

Overall responsibility for Asseco Solutions will be carried by CEO Markus Haller, who has managed Asseco Germany and its subsidiaries in German-speaking countries with great success. The COOs responsible for the business areas of Sales, Consulting, Branches and Back Office are Jiří Hub in the Czech Republic, Martina Mošková in Slovakia and Holger Nawratil in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. CFO Peter Sadák is responsible for the Finance, Controlling and HR sector, while CTO Thorsten Reuper will be responsible for the company's overall technological direction. In the future, project plans will be drafted and implemented – in four key areas in particular – by international working groups that cooperate on a regular basis. These topics are "Products and Development," "Vision and Communication," "Finance and Controlling" and "Team Organization." The synergistic cooperation is intended to provide a noticeable increase in efficiency within processes in these areas.

Providing partners with an international reach

The large geographical coverage of Asseco Solutions will give all sales and solution partners the ability to implement real-world projects for customers with international locations in a comprehensive manner across national borders. The Czech Republic in particular has an exceptionally well-developed partner network. This is to be used as an example for successful networking in other Asseco Solutions countries.

Continuing research activity

For a few years now, Asseco Germany AG has been an active participant in the ERP Innovation Lab of the Logistics Campus Cluster at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) in Aachen, Germany. This cooperation enables Asseco Germany AG to maintain an extremely intensive cooperation with FIR e.V., a non-profit, multidisciplinary research institution based at the university, in the field of corporate organization and corporate development. The institute researches, certifies, teaches and provides support in the areas of service management, information management and production management. As a member of the work group of the AiF, it promotes research and development in favor of small, medium-sized and large companies. Asseco Solutions will continue the collaboration with corresponding scientific and research institutions seamlessly. This will ensure that the company always keeps up with state-of-the-art technology, particularly with regard to developments involving the future project "Industry 4.0" – for example when drafting standards. Results will be communicated immediately to all European locations and incorporated into planning and development concepts on a case-by-case basis.