International management

Our corporate management is distinguished by a particularly broad - and thus highly specialized and experienced - responsibility structure. This means that all areas of expertise are covered perfectly, providing the capacity for promoting a continuous course of economic growth and technological progress into the future in a comprehensive and sustainable way.

Markus Haller

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board

Since 2000, this ERP specialist has held various management positions within the organization and spent his time developing all aspects of the ERP provider strategy. Since June 2010, Haller has been chairman of Asseco Solutions AG and, in this role, has been responsible for the entire ERP business area of the Asseco Group in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. As head of the newly structured C-level management, he consistently promotes the development of the organization and its ongoing growth course through visionary ideas and goals. A native Austrian, Haller likes to spend his leisure time with his family and snowboarding.

Holger Nawratil

Chief Operating Officer DACH (COO)

For over 18 years Nawratil has used his considerable ERP expertise to build the company's success. He has occupied the position of Chief Operating Officer since June 2010. In this role he is responsible for all projects and project departments across locations and is involved in the steering groups for a variety of client projects. His aim is to design the launch of new projects to be even more successful and more goal-orientated. He is only happy when clients are advised on equal terms as professionally and efficiently as possible. As a passionate sportsman and lover of the mountains, this die-hard mountain biker, mountaineer, snowboarder and geocacher prefers to spend his spare time with his wife and daughter or his friends while sitting on a bike seat or up high in the fresh air – preferably traveling to remote places. 

Robert Monsberger

Chief International Officer (CIO)

Since early 2015, Robert Monsberger has been Chief International Officer and is responsible, among other things, for the international business. In his long career, the experienced business expert has gathered a well-founded expertise in numerous fields of responsibility both of technical nature and in the Sales, Service and Business Development fields. At Siemens, he held several CEO positions in the Industry sector in Vienna and was responsible for the international business activities in 19 countries in Central and Eastern Europe for almost twenty years. Then he was Chief Technology Officer at Efkon AG, one of the leading technology companies in the toll collection industry. Since 2009, Robert Monsberger has also passed on his comprehensive expertise to the students of the Universtity of Applied Sciences bfi in Vienna as a lecturer for “Technical Sales”. A native Upper Austrian, Monsberger is married with two children and likes to spend his leisure time with his family and jogging with his dog, diving and skiing.

Jiří Hub

Chief Operating Officer Czech Republic (COO)

He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of International Relations, having majored in Foreign Trade. Already prior to his graduation, he was active in marketing at LCS International, where he gradually established a full-fledged marketing team. In 2000, he also led the negotiation team during the acquisition of the company Softprofes, s.r.o. In the following years he was appointed Marketing Director and later Director of the Finance Division. At the same time, he became the Member of the Board of Directors at LCS.  After its integration into the multinational Asseco group, this company changed its name to Asseco Solutions.

Edita Angylova

Chief Operating Officer Slovak republic (COO)

Edita Angyalová graduated from the University of Economics Bratislava at the Faculty of Business in Košice. After her studies, she has successfully established herself in regional politics as a Member of the Regional Parliament of the Košice region, and later as well as a Member of Parliament. In 2004, she joined Asseco Slovakia, where she has held the position of the Financial Director for five years. She led the successful efforts of stock subscription in the Warsaw Stock Exchange and a series of subsequent acquisitions.

In 2009, she took the next stage in her career as a General Director in QEX, where she was responsible for managing the whole company with two separate divisions (Advertising and Systems) for almost five years. In April 2014, she accepted another new challenge from Asseco Group and became the COO at Asseco Solutions in the Slovak Republic and a member of the international board of directors.

Thomas Stiegler

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Thomas Stiegler who holds a masters degree in economics can look back on a 25-year career in leading positions at well-known nationally and internationally operating companies and groups. He can thus demonstrate a comprehensive expertise in the fields of Supply Chain Management, Finance and Controlling. Since March 2014, he has held the position of the CFO at Asseco Solutions and is primarily dedicated to the further development and optimization of the Finance and Accounting section. The passionate jogger loves to spend also his private time with management literature, strategies and concepts and prefers to spend his leisure time with his family.